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We're Thrilled to Introduce You To Our Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage Lounge

Welcome to Magic Journey Sanctuary, a haven dedicated to addressing your personalized healing and post-op requirements. We are committed to redefining holistic wellness and healing through the art of compassionate care, offering a distinctive blend of holistic and medical wellness services. Leveraging our expertise, we aim to deliver exceptional value with a commitment to your well-being and knowledge.

Pre Op Consultation | Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Post Op Drainage Pouch Removals  | Body Contour & Sculpting Consultation  

We cater to a wide range of Post-Operative requirements for both medical and cosmetic plastic surgeries

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Post Op NYC Packages

    Benefits of MLD Post Op Recovery 

    ✨Gives skin a glow
    ✨Aids with Post-Lymph Inflammation
    ✨Optimises results after liposuction
    ✨Eases tension in the body.
    ✨Improving blood circulation
    ✨Reducing pain 
    ✨Speeds up healing
    ✨Reduced Scar Formation 
    ✨Reduces Fluid retention
    ✨Breaks down cellulite and fat cells