NYC Post Op

We're Thrilled to Introduce Our Unparalleled Post Op Massage Packages

Magic Journey Sanctuary is a warm inviting space that caters to your personalized individual Healing and Post Operative needs. Our mission empowers the very definition of Organic Wellness and Healing, with the Art of Care we offer a unique combination of Holistic and Medical Wellness. Utilizing our Expertise We Aim to provide Great Value to the best of Our Being and Knowledge.

Pre Op Consultation | Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Post Op Drainage Pouch Removals  | Body Contour & Sculpting Consultation  

We cater to a wide range of Post-Operative requirements for both medical and cosmetic plastic surgeries

You Are Royal Sovereignty 
 Your Heart Is Your Crown

Choose a Post Op Package ​Tailored just for You

Post Op NYC Packages