Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Beneficial for Me after Post Op? 


The postoperative period is one of the most critical phases. General postoperative manual lymphatic Drainage massages are a  recommended part of your healing journey.  They consist of manual lymphatic massages at least 2 to 3 times or more per week during the initial 3 to 4 weeks of recovery to be performed by a certified lymphedema therapist and/or a licensed massage therapist  with hands on experience. with this you get the benefit of reducing inflammation, it will help shape and sculpt your body while also helping with fibrosis elimination.


Question: How do I Cope with this New Level of Discomfort from the Compression Garment?

Answer: You can Often Cope by Slowing Down, Relaxing, Deep Breathing, and Calming your nerves would allow you to mentally adjust to the physical changes…. If that does not work try loosening up one hook on your Faja for a little more breathing room and comfort.  And remember You got This !!!

Question: I am Experiencing Sharp Pain in My Groin area and Heavy Flow My First Cycle after the Surgery, is that Normal? 

Answer: Yes it is Normal and rather Common for most cases. Although some will experience a regular menstrual cycle others may experience a more severe menstruation period during the first few months of healing while the body restores is normal bodily functions.

Question: How long before I See My Final Result?

Answer: It varies for each individual, depending on the consistency of Your Aftercare and Your Body but typically expect 2-3 months or more.

Question: Will the Inflammation go Down?

Answer: Yes, with Consistent Proper Aftercare and Compression.

Question: Is it normal for My Vagina to be Swollen? 


Answer: Yes in some Cases as Your Body Purges, the Fluid may accumulate in the Groin area thus causing the Genitals to Inflame.

Question: How often do I Need to go for Drainage ?

Answer: It’s Dependent on a Case by Case Basis However Frequent Visits are Recommended

Question: How soon should I Start with My Lymphatic Drainage after Surgery? 

 Answer: 24-48hrs in Most Cases the Sooner the Better before Fibrosis Occurs.

Question: If I Start My Post Op a Month after My Procedure is that too late? 

Answer: It is Never too Late, however it is to Your Best Benefit to start sooner than later. 

Question: How many Lymphatic Drainage Sessions would I need?

Answer: Multiple Sessions may be Necessary, Each individual case is determined by each person’s organic healing process.

Question: How long do I have to wear My Faja? 

Answer: As long as necessary until Your Inflammation subsides. 

What are the Stages of The Healing Process?

Answer :There are 3 Stages of Your Healing process💡

1.)Inflammation / Bruising

2.)Fibrosis -  Crystalizing scar tissue

3.) Tissue Restoration Inflammation Free!

Question: I feel Stiff and Hard, Is that Normal? 

Answer: Yes, It is, Fibrosis is a term most commonly used to describe the internal scabbing in the trauma area as the tissue crystallizes. Which is a natural occurence  process of the body healing itself after a traumatic event or a surgical procedure.

Question:  Why is it that I look More Swollen on some days and then others not as much?

Answer: It’s normal to re-inflate as a part of the healing process. You will go up and down with your inflammation as you are recovering from your surgery. Your Healing Journey is a Process and can take time, Please be Patient and Maintain Consistency with your After Care. You're on Your Way !!!.


Question:I Feel Numb like My Body is Not a part of Me, is that Normal? 

Answer: Yes the Sensation of Numbness and Tenderness and feeling like You are Estranged to Your Own body is Oftentimes Common in the Postop World. It will take some time to adjust through these sensations. Just look at this as another step in your healing process. You will get through this.