Packages can be purchased after the 1st initial session with us.
All services are Valid for 90 days
24hr cancellation policy is in effect. All cancellation must be submitted via text during business hours (9am-8pm) 24 hrs prior
 Late Policy : If You are late you will only have the time remaining to complete your session. If more than 30 mins late the sessions is forfeited.


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Manual Lymphatic Drainage 
Post Op Care Packages

Welcome to your Comprehensive and Detailed Post Op Lymphatic Drainage Session. The Duration of each Session Ranges between 30 mins to an hour depending on the Stage of Your Healing. Each Session includes 30 mins of Hands-On Lymphatic Drainage, Body Contouring / Wood Sculpting, Gwasha, along with Cupping Therapy. Our techniques perfected over the years is one of the best way to break up and dissolve fibrotic scar tissue formation and Post Op Inflammation. We do offer Garment Assistance, a wide range of network and information provided on your needed supplies, and in-home self care daily routine regimen of Lymphatic Drainage Massage tutorial to keep You on Track. Our Final goal is aimed to shape you into the best desired version of yourself while helping to speed up your recovery.

Initial/Single Lymphatic Drainage session – $200
Package of 4- $800 Promo $540
Package of 5- $1,000 Promo $675
Package of 6- $1,200 Promo $810
Package of 7- $1,400 Promo $945
Package of 8- $1,600 Promo $1,080
Package of 9- $1,800 Promo $1,215
Package of 10- $2,000 Promo $1,350
Package of 15- $3,000 Promo $2,025
P​ackage of 20- $4,000 Promo $2,700

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Post Op Drainage Pouch Removals

We at Magic Post Op NYC Fully Understand the Needs of Our Clients and Always Keep Our Hands on the Pulse Of the Ever Changing Medical Field. At Magic Post Op NYC We Have Heard the Appeals from Our Clients to Remove those Drainage Pouches when it’s Time and We also Know how Hard it is to get Help with Drainage Pouch Removals.WE are Here to HELP ! Our Staff now includes a Licensed Registered Nurse that We Work with to Safely Remove those Lymphatic Drainage Pouches when it’s Time!We are Extremely Pleased to Present Our Newest Service…Drainage Pouch Removals!!

Single Session $400 – MLD + Drainage Removal
Package of 4 MLD + DR – $740
Package of 5 MLD + DR – $875
Package of 8 MLD + DR – $1,280
Package of 10 MLD + DR – $1,550 
Package of 15 MLD + DR – $2,225
P​ackage of 20 MLD + DR – $2,900

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Body Contour Consultation

During this Consultation you can expect to receive information regarding supplies needed to prepare for your Body Contouring Journey. You can expect to discuss your dietary needs, a walk through of a daily at home routine, that if followed will help maintain and sped up your recovery process. We will address all questions and concerns you may have about the process of Body Contouring and  your other vision goals. This is consult is help alleviate any fears or concerns you may have about the process. We are here to assist.
$135– 30 mins

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PS: Kindly call to book after you purchase your package  929-258-9852

Body Contour / Sculpting Consultation Snatch Packages

You Brought Yourself Thus Far, To Maintain Your Fabulosity This is what We at Magic Journey Sanctuary will do for You. 
With a Magic Journey Sanctuary’s Body Contouring & Sculpting Package we Offer a Unique Specialized Sculpting to give One that Perfect “Snatch” .

We have perfected the art of Sculpting, utilizing a fusion of tools such as: wood sculpting therapy, cupping therapy, heat therapy (best for breaking down fatty deposits and promotes sin tightening), and most importantly manual lymphatic drainage.

We offer Holistic Options Such as Dietary Suggestions and Lymphatic Cleanse that will keep Your Body looking Gorgeous, all while making You feel Your Best.

Nutrition is just as Important you must maintain a disciplined and healthy diet in order to Keep Your Results Long Term. It is Solely Dependent you. We will offer all needed available tools and guidance.

Mental Health is important as well:
Our Goal at Magic Journey Sanctuary is to Beautify You both Physically and Mentally. We Strive for this because We Know that Plastic Surgery and Subsequent Healing can take its Toll. We’re here to Address Any and All Concerns that may Arise. Feel Confident and Beautiful with Our Top Rated Therapist Hands on You! 

Individual Session (45 mins) – $200  Promo $155
Package 4- $800, Promo $620
Package of 6- $1200 Promo $930
Package of 8- $1,600 Promo $1240
Package of 10- $2,00 Promo $1550

PS: Kindly call to book after you purchase your package  929-258-9852

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