Manual Lymphatic Drainage 
Post Op Care Packages

We offer a Comprehensive and Detailed Post Operative Therapy Session. The Duration of each Session Ranges between 30 mins to an hour depending on the Stage of Your Healing. Each Session includes 30 mins of Hands-On Lymphatic Drainage, Body Contouring / Wood Sculpting, Gwasha along with other necess​ary tools such as Cavitation, and Cupping Therapy. Magic Post Op NYC Utilizes State of the Art Cavitation. We are proud to announce The Zemits Abigon Pro the latest, most advanced Comprehensive Body Sculpting System, coupled with Our Personalized Techniques. We offer Garment Assistance, a wide range of network and information provided on your needed supplies, and in-home self care daily routine regimen of Lymphatic Drainage Massage tutorial to keep You on Track.

Initial/Single Lymphatic Drainage session – $200
Package of 4- $800 Promo $540
Package 5- $1,000 Promo $675
Package of 8- $1,600 Promo $1,080
Package of 10- $2,000 Promo $1,350

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PS: Kindly call to book after you purchase your package  929-258-9852