Post Op Drainage Pouch Removal

We at Magic Post Op NYC Fully Understand the Needs of Our Clients and Always Keep Our Hands on the Pulse Of the Ever Changing Plastic Surgery Market. So We are Extremely Pleased to Present Our Newest Service…Drainage Pouch Removals!!!At Magic Post Op NYC We Have Heard the Appeals from Our Clients to Remove those Drainage Pouches when it’s Time and We also Know how Hard it is to get Help with Drainage Pouch Removals.WE are Here to HELP ! Our Staff includes a Licensed Registered Nurse that We Work with to Safely Remove those Lymphatic Drainage Pouches when it’s Time!

Single Session $400 – MLD + Drainage Removal
Package of 3 MLD + DR – $605
Package of 4 MLD + DR – $740
Package of 7 MLD + DR – $1,145
Package of 9 MLD + DR – $1,415

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PS: Kindly call to book after you purchase your package  929-258-9852